Necom Games' League Soccer !

League Soccer is a FANTASY MANAGEMENT game - formerly known as Play-By-Mail but with the myriad of options available now to send your team selections back to us, we've gone for the more exciting (and infinitely more descriptive!) name. We still offer all the great options we've always done that make League Soccer the top rated football game it is - but turns can now be submitted using the online return sheet for super fast turnaround.

It's the ULTIMATE fantasy management challenge - have you got what it takes to manage your favourite club to league and cup glory - take them into the Champions league and even earn the accolade of managing your own national team. Ever wish you were Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho or Arsene Wenger - well now's your chance to find out what it's all about.

Features in the award winning League Soccer include:

Real Life Squads

Youth Teams

Training & Coaching

Real Stadiums

Player Contracts

Four FREE Cups to enter - with trophies for League winners

Comprehensive transfer system

Manager of the Month and Season awards.

Of course, there are many more features than we can list here, and more are being added all the time so that League Soccer maintains it's position as the number one football game.

Turn fees are currently 2.00 each, 1.80 for online only players, for this price you will receive:

Squad Sheet on your own team - listing players and staff members

Fixtures, results and appearances for the whole season

Comprehensive financial report for the week

Detailed match report and analyis on this weeks league game

Match report and analysis from any cup games played

Full league tables and reports, including all goalscorers, man of match and sendings off

Squad sheet on your next opponents

Detailed newsletter including all cup results, messages from other managers and much more

Market list showing players for sale, auction and out of contract players

List of all transfers made and contracts agreed that turn

Turns emailed back and available to download from our website as well as the traditional postal copy.

So as you can see, your team gets to play at least two - and usually three or more - matches per turn. You also get more information than in any other PBM at a lower price. If you're interested in giving it a go, click on 'JOIN NOW', fill out the application form and we'll rush a starter pack straight out to you.

Click here to go to the team finder page and search for an unmanaged team in one of our games."